When we switched our group to a new host and facilitator, I had some expectations that the entire group would stick together during the transition. That assumption proved to be false. There were several reasons why only half of our “old” group stuck together to form the “new” group and they can mostly be synthesized to the concept of culture.

Our old group had developed routines and patterns that developed into a group cultural expectation. When we moved the new group to a new locale, those routines were changed. The group dynamic that kept us together even when we sometimes did not feel like attending was removed. In essence, we had permission to stop.

It has been 6 months since that change and I feel that the new group is just now hitting its stride. It makes me wonder if the concept of changing groups every year (as some practitioners suggest) is such a good idea.


Small Group Victory!

July 11, 2008

After many months of recruiting for our Family Integrated Small Group, we have finally hit pay dirt! Only 1 of my original core families is still with us, but two of the other families are relatively new to the church, and the other family has not been well connected.

We’re working through the Parental Guidance Required curriculum from Andy Stanley, and reading the Gospel of John together through the week as our homage to Neil Cole’s LTGs…

We start with a 10 minute devotional with parents and children, followed by prayer time together. We’re trying to model (and do) family worship in our small group to encourage each family to make this a practice.

While we listen to Andy Stanley, the kids watch a Nest video with activities. We now have about 15 kids (2 – 13 yr olds, 3 – 12 yr olds), so we’re going to have to ramp up the curriculum for kids during the adult
time. We’re wanting to leverage the 12 and 13 year olds as leaders.
Sounds like I need to do some research!