Back to the future

January 4, 2013

It’s been a rough couple of years since my last “love” post. Ministry friends have come and gone, relationships have become strained and had to be worked on. Struggle has become a semi-permanent friend. The entire experience has led to me doubt my calling and want to move into a pew-sitting role with no expectations and no worries. 

But then I remember the moment when the Holy Ghost light bulb went on when I was just a pew-sitter and I realize I can never go back to that. As the apostle Paul tells us, I must press on toward the goal that Christ has set before me.

So how do I do that when I all too often shrink away?

Go back to the beginning. What were the activities I was doing when I most felt empowered by the Holy Spirit?

  • Larger amounts of time praying and reading God’s word;
  • Reading others thoughts about God revealing Himself;
  • Studying theology
  • Putting my own thoughts down to process my own theology.

I must go back to go forward.


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