What the church needs now, is love, sweet love…

February 1, 2011

The more I read scripture and minister at TRCC, the more I see that I (and my fellow pastor/elders) need to become the CLO for our assembly. What is CLO? Chief Love Officer. We need to be chief among the brethren in showing love for one another!

Now, that sounds all well and good on a conceptual level, but how does that play out in the gospel assembly?

In my IT career, I have had to learn how to wear several different hats at one time to handle the complexity of the tasks at hand.  When you wear multiple hats, you can easily become distracted from your primary role.

To become the CLO we first have to take off any other hats that we may have grabbed on to, like CEO, COO, or CFO. What do those hats look like in the church?

The CEO pastor learns to value vision over loving people extravagantly. The COO pastor values operational excellence over loving people extravagantly. The CFO looks to resources instead of loving people extravagantly. All of those hats are fine in and of themselves as long as they are secondary roles subject to the CLO.

There are going to be times that people “get in the way” of vision, excellence and resources. Our response to those situations will tell us very clearly how we, those who have received extravagant love from Christ, really feel about love for the brethren. Just as the Father does not value us for what we can do or bring to the table, we as pastors cannot either.

We are to model the scandal of the gospel by loving extravagantly.

Pastors, are you the CLO of your church?


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