Why it is not a good idea to blog your devotional reading…

May 27, 2008

…because if you already struggle with time to keep up with the discipline of devotional reading, you will not have the time to blog about it. Duh.

Besides that disclaimer, I’m really enjoying the Gospel of Matthew!

I should have mentioned that I have a specific methodology to my reading. I use the ESV Literary Study Bible my wonderful wife got me for Christmas to read Scripture. This helps me to approach the text without relying on study notes, as well as my own highlighting/comments, that seem to draw me down the exact same path of determining how God is speaking to me. I also like the organization of this bible, in that it puts notes about the literary style of the specific text in a block before the text. I usually read a couple of chapters, then close my eyes to picture the text. This always seems to help me meditate on the narrative.

The most important thing I’ve found is that “just doing it” always cause me to “just do it” more.

Ain’t discipline a great thing?


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