I’m still reading the Gospel of Matthew…

May 9, 2008

I really am. I’m just not blogging.

Perhaps I should start with the concept of 1 post per week. Since I’m writing primarily for myself, this should help me develop a “discipline’ of blogging.

Anyway, back to Matthew.

It’s always exciting to have God’s word come alive from a text you’ve read many times. I’ve found it best for me to read a small unified section of scripture many times to let it “stew”. The Holy Spirit has been faithful to show me new application every time I read.

I think the most surprising section(so far) was Matthew 1:1-17, the genealogy of Christ. Yes, you read the section and you see that several “lowly” people were included, showing that God can use anyone for his purposes. What surprised me was that the list included many enemies of God. Sure, on some level I know and believe that what God purposes always comes to pass, but I thought it interesting to see that he doesn’t <b>always</b> use humble, obedient and righteous folk for his purposes.

Well, I’m in Matthew 8 now. I finished the Sermon on the Mount very slowly, as I was afraid I would blow past it without meditating on what Christ himself had to say.

I’ll come back to Matthew 5-7 at a later date…


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